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Dedicated and disciplined senior Drupal developer with 10 years of software development experience. Applies his technical expertise and PHP programming skills to develop efficient software solutions, based on clients’ specific business and technical requirements. Excellent eyes and hands at finding and correcting errors in code. Strong communication skills, team oriented and friendly personality.

Specialties: PHP, CMS, especially Drupal

Technical Skills Senior Drupal Developer

PHP 9+ years – Drupal 6,7,8,9 10+ years – Drupal Commerce 4+ years – Wordpress 3+ years – Symfony 3+ years – AJAX 6+ years – XML  7+ years – JSON 5+ years – SOAP 5+ years – REST 3+ years – GraphQL 3+ years – JavaScript 7+ years – jQuery 6+ years – HTML/CSS 10+ years – MySQL 7+ years – MariaDB 4+ years – PostgreSQL 2+ years – Apache 10+ years – Nginx  5+ years – Solr 5+ years – Memcached 5+ years – Redis 4+ years – Vagrant  4+ years – Docker 4+ years – Lando 3+ years – Acquia Cloud Platform /Cloud Next 3+ years – Acquia site factory 2+ years – Acquia site studio 2+ years – AWS 1+ year – CI/CD  4+ years


Multisite Set up

Multisite setup that has few websites from the same instance, with a lot of writers publishing, updating, and promoting content on daily bases. Part of multisite is with Drupal Commerce solution, and also very controlled multiple languages (more than 10). The focus is on development of different ways for content publishing, integration with third-party services and sources, improvement of codebase and SEO. As requests from stakeholders are usually very specific, the most of development is custom, without using available modules for Drupal, and similar. The whole solution provided is usually complex, since there’s different services and companies (like for SEO, marketing) that websites integrate with. One of the most important things is performance handling, for that there’s deep integration with Akamai and Acquia, while Akamai controls whole traffic.

Key functionalities developed include:

– Very customizable content creation, with dozens of different components, types, etc.

– Control content serving per multiple factors (users’ location,language, etc.);

– System of handling a lot of outdated pages;

– Solution for smart redirects, with very small amount of 404 

– Integration with different third-party services for content creation, marketing and analytics

Technologies used: Drupal, Fractal, Acquia, third-party services (Akamai, GlobeNewsWire, Smartsheet)

Pharmaceutical company website

Website with a lot of different page types and layouts, and huge amount of content migrated from old Wordpress website. Website is multilingual and focuses on easy content editing by different vendors. Website is integrated with different third-party platforms for content creation and editing (not all content, like articles, are added in Drupal), and more platforms for marketing/sales purposes.

Technologies: Drupal 8, PHP, MariaDB, Nginx, jQuery, Ajax, XML, JSON, Varnish, Redis, Docker

Construction company mobile application

Drupal is used just as a backend, to collect, process and serve data to React Native hybrid mobile application, all through GraphQL. Drupal also handles automatic emails and reports sending, push notifications, etc.

Technologies: Drupal 9, PHP, MySQL, Apache, GraphQL, React Native, Docksal

Multisite for football league

The website of the league and 9 more websites for the teams, all from one Drupal instance. Huge content migration from previous, non-CMS related, databases, along with 3+ TB of video content migration from private file server to Brightcove (serving videos directly from Brightcove). Whole Drupal file system goes from Amazon S3. Developed different complex custom modules to collect and process statistics for each player/team/match, along with prediction of match winner according to statistics.

More than 10 different user roles with workflow for writers, editors, publishers, etc. Match live streaming functionality successfully tested on more than 3 million users watching at the same time.

Technologies: Drupal 7, PHP, JavaScript, GraphQL, Amazon S3, Brightcove, Solr

Real estate company website

Whole website is developed from a custom theme and third- party system for real estate, so everything is done through API (including forms) and only basic pages are kept on Drupal.

Technologies: Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Varnish, Memcached, Vagrant


University of Nis, Serbia Faculty of Electronic Engineering,

Software engineering degree


English – Fluent

Serbian – Native

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