Mid – senior Fullstack Drupal developer

Mid – senior Fullstack Drupal developer

A mid-senior fullstack Drupal developer. During his experience in the past 5 years he gained impressive knowledge and understanding for Drupal development with version 7, 8 and 9. He is a young and ambitious software engineer. He has excellent communication skills, extensive experience working in a multicultural environment. He is a dedicated specialist, used to work both as a team member and also directly with the client. This Drupal developer is a focused, cooperative and approachable person.

Technical skills

Drupal, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.JS, Node.JS, Elixir, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


  • Experienced in various mobile development technologies, both hybrid and native;
  • Experienced in using HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript skills to develop website templates and frontend multi-platform
  • Experienced in developing cross-browser, cross-platform, mobile applications;
  • Experienced with Docker in day to day operations;
  • Knowledge of AWS and Azure platforms.

Relevant Drupal projects

Hosting Platform

Development of virtual screening hosting platform for an independent movie organization.

Аs a fullstack developer responsibilities include:

  • Module and theme development
  • Team leading in in the latest stages of development in the frontend part;
  • Writing e-mail HTML templates (with Twig);
  • SSL configuration via Let’s Encrypt.

Technologies used: Drupal 9, Twig, SendGrid, Sass, Docker

Online desk

Developing a rent a car service online front-desk. Responsibilities include:

  • Module and theme development;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Google Ads and marketing;
  • CI/CD via automated scripts;
  • Backend TDD with Behat.

Technologies used: Drupal 9, Twig, Sass, Behat, Docker

Web platform

Module development for a web platform, where users can submit their proposals for grants. Writing Behat and PHPUnit tests. Responsibilities include also importing large amounts of data in an efficient manner. Technologies used: Drupal 8, PHPUnit, Behat, Docker

E-commerce Platform

E-commerce platform for selling pictures of horses. Responsibilities include:

  • Module and custom theme development;
  • Writing Behat and PHPUnit tests;
  • Migrating data from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

Technologies used: Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Twig, Sass, PHPUnit, Behat, Docker

Smart House Platform

Smart house platform that connects various devices together and implements features such as: smart locks, hydration, smart lights etc..

Responsibilities include:

  • Module development;
  • Writing Behat and PHPUnit tests;
  • Writing queries and mutations for GraphQL.

Technologies used: Drupal 8, PHPUnit, Behat, GraphQL, Docker

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