Senior .NET team lead

This is a senior .NET teamlead/ .NET Lead Engineer /.NET architect with two university degrees, including one in computer science. He has been passionate about programming since he was in school and have pursued it as a career for more than 16 years. During this time, he has gained extensive experience developing innovative products and leading teams and companies in the IT sector. His goal is to change the world for the better or at least contribute to projects that positively impact society and the environment.


Programming paradigms: imperative:
– object-oriented (OOP), procedural
– declarative: functional (FP)

– Pro level: .Net, .Net Core , .Net Framework, C#,
– Mid level: F#, Haskell, Java, C/C++, PHP, JS

Front-End: WebAssembly, Blazor, XAML, Html, CSS, jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, React, TypeScript and others

DevOps: Azure, AWS, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Docker, Hyper-V, VM, PowerShell, Cake, CI/CD, VSTS, Zero downtime deployment, Kubernetes, Terraform, NuGet, Goole cloud, infrastructure as code

Control Version: Git, SVN, TFS, Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps

API: Flickr , Twitter , DocuSign, Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Sage SDK, Xero, Yandex, Amazon, Dropbox, OneDrive, Exactonline, QuickBooks, Google, PayPal, Veeqo, Adestra, Adyen, Microsoft Office, Athenahealth, Google, Azure, AWS

Database: MsSql Server, Oracle, MySQL, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQL, LINQ, PostgreSQL

Desktop: WinForms, UWP, WPF

Web: ASP.NET MVC Core, ASP.NET MVC , ASP.NET MVC API, WCF, WebForms, Sitecore, REST and SOAP Services, Blazor server side, Blazor Web Assembly

Mobile: Xamarin, UWP, Windows Phone 8/10

Other experience: Micro-services, monolith, Docker, vm, hyper-v, server less, WSL2

OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008-2019), Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), WSL2

Experience and Portfolio


Senior .NET Developer, Architect 09.2022 – 04.2023

Another project that I worked on part-time was OnCierge. This application helps manage various aspects of building apartments and hotels. With OnCierge, concierges can add visitors, set announcements for the apartment owners about deliveries, book attendance at the pool or parking, notify them about any violence or emergencies, and so on. The application aims to improve the communication and security of the residents and guests in these buildings.

Senior .NET Developer, Architect 10.2022 – 03.2023

I was part of a team that developed a product that simplifies the process of detecting defects on pipes and cables using a patented approach. My responsibilities included creating the architecture of the database and back end, using minimal API from Microsoft and best practices, and creating a RESTful service with various roles and permissions ensuring that everything worked fine, fast, and securely. The front-end part consisted of a web application for administrators and mobile apps on Android and iOS for technicians who perform measurements in the field. The most challenging part was to create an offline mode for mobile apps, as technicians could work in areas without a mobile connection and accurately merge data.

Senior .NET Developer, Architect 05.2022 – 10.2022

One of the innovative projects I have worked on is a game for scholarships that aims to improve pronunciation and rhythm skills in children. The game consists of 10 different games with various levels of difficulty and more than 300 pages of content. The children are required to repeat poems, read them aloud, and create their own, as well as to identify and match the correct rhythm patterns and compose poems in a given rhythm. I have used Electron and Razor Pages frameworks to develop this game, which can run on multiple platforms and has a user-friendly interface.

Senior .NET Developer 09.2021 – 04.2022

Cox Automotive
As a development team member, I contributed to creating many new features for our product. We used microservices architecture to ensure our code’s scalability, reliability, and maintainability. We also leveraged cloud infrastructure to deploy our services and manage our resources efficiently. We adopted CI/CD practices to automate our testing and delivery processes and ensure high-quality standards. We designed and implemented RESTful APIs to expose our functionality to other applications and systems. I collaborated closely with the architecture team to provide feedback and suggestions on the best approaches and technologies for delivering value to our customers.

Team lead, Architect, DevOps 01.2020 – 05.2021

As the leader of a .Net team, I followed the scrum methodology and defined the business goals with the business owner. I also had to describe and assign tasks to developers according to their skills and availability. Moreover, I had to communicate effectively with business analysts, the QA team, and banks to ensure the quality and functionality of our product. Thanks to our hard work and innovation, we successfully created AppyPay, which became a pioneer in the industry of online payments. Our product was a payment gateway that integrated different banks and payment systems seamlessly and securely.

Team lead, Architect, DevOps 08.2017 – 03.2021

As the team leader of the Ukrainian team, I was responsible for provisioning the infrastructure, discussing the requirements, and creating the development plans for our projects. We followed the agile methodology and used scrum to deliver high-quality software solutions.

We were working on a project for a USA startup in the sales industry. Our project involved developing a set of plugins for Gmail-chrome, outlook, office 365 (cross-platform), IOS, and Android applications. These plugins enabled users to manage their sales activities and contacts within their email platforms. We also developed two websites: one replicating the plugins’ functionality and another providing detailed analytics and insights for sales performance.

I led a team of 12 developers who had diverse skills and expertise. I communicated with the customer and the business analyst to understand their needs and expectations. I defined the goals and tasks for each sprint and assigned them to my team members. I also wrote documentation, conducted code reviews, and ensured that our code met the quality standards and best practices

Senior .NET Developer 02.2021 – 04.2021

Company: Crumbiz
Crumbiz is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between startups and investors by leveraging the power of connectors, individuals, or organizations with extensive networks. Crumbiz has developed an API based on a restful architecture that combines classic, and OData approaches to provide flexible and efficient data access and manipulation to achieve this goal. Moreover, Crumbiz has implemented a front-end part using the newest Microsoft frameworks, Blazor Web Assembly, and .NET 6, which enable fast and interactive web development with C# and HTML.

Senior FE developer 05.2020 – 08.2020

Authority Partners
As a software developer for the Regus website project, I had several responsibilities contributing to successfully delivering the new version. I fixed bugs reported by users or testers, implemented new features that met the client’s requirements and expectations, created documentation that explained the code and its functionality, and wrote unit tests that ensured the quality and reliability of the software. The project’s main goal was to finish the new version of in time for its launch. This goal was successfully achieved, and the client was satisfied.

Team Lead, DevOps, Coach 2019 – 2020
As a Sitecore developer, I was responsible for upgrading the version of various Sitecore projects to 9+. This involved updating the NuGet packages, resolving any compatibility issues, testing the functionality and performance of the websites, and deploying the changes to different environments. I also implemented new business features using Sitecore’s Helix principles, such as creating custom components, templates, renderings, and pipelines. Additionally, I set up DevOps processes using Azure DevOps and Sitecore Habitat to automate the build and release of the projects and ensure quality standards.

Senior .NET Developer, DevOps 2019 – 2020

One of my primary responsibilities was to develop a BigData and HighLoad application that could handle trillions of calculations efficiently and accurately. This application was designed to process large volumes of data from various sources and perform complex analytics and machine-learning tasks. I applied optimization techniques such as parallelization, caching, indexing, compression, and load balancing to achieve optimal performance. I was involved in every development lifecycle stage, from planning and designing to testing and deploying the application.

Team Lead, DevOps 2018 – 2020

As the architect and team leader of a software project for casinos in Asia, I was responsible for designing and implementing a microservices architecture that replaced an extensive monolithic application. I also developed new business features and migrated the site from ASP.NET Web Forms to .NET Core MVC + Angular. Additionally, I administered the database and created and supported the Azure infrastructure. I set up Azure DevOps CI/CD and Cake. Build to automate the deployment process and ensure quality standards. I also managed a team of five developers and one tester, providing guidance, feedback, and coordination.

.NET Team Lead 2017 – 2019

I have strong skills in project management, communication, and collaboration. I have over two years of experience as a team lead at Volvo Cars, where I was in charge of the website. I was part of the core team, consisting of team leads with different specializations such as front end, back end, DevOps, security, performance optimization, and more. We were involved in leading 12 teams with more than 200 developers in total and ensuring the quality and functionality of the website.

Senior .NET Developer 2015 – 2017

I have had a rewarding experience working at my first company, where I achieved the senior developer level and took on architecture design and implementation responsibilities. I also learned about DevOps and Sitecore, two essential tools for modern web development. During our cooperation, I completed all the tasks on five major projects and improved my skills in various domains. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally and personally at this company.

Middle .NET Developer 2014- 2015

Pacific Northwest Software
During my tenure as a middle .NET developer at this company, I had the opportunity to work with various technologies and participate in my first enterprise project for a major US client. The project involved developing an electronic document service for business needs, using a custom front-end framework that resembled Angular before it was created. I also gained valuable experience with cloud computing and DocuSign integration in this project.

Junior .NET Developer 2011 – 2014

Motor Sich
My first company was a great place to start my professional career as a software developer. I worked on various web solutions for internal needs using JS and PHP as the leading technologies. One of the most challenging and rewarding projects I worked on was a desktop app in kiosk mode for the Museum, which required me to learn and use the .NET framework. Since then, I have been working as a .NET developer and expanding my skills and knowledge.

Board and Game Administrator, Team Leader 2009 – 2012

As the leader of Administration Boards and Games for all Ukrainian servers for online games created by Gameforge, I was responsible for managing a team of moderators, game masters, and community managers who ensured the smooth operation and quality of service for more than 10,000 players. I oversaw recruiting, training, and evaluating staff members and implementing and enforcing game rules and policies. I also coordinated with the developers and publishers to provide feedback and suggestions from the Ukrainian player base and organize events and promotions to increase player engagement and retention.


2006-2011- Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
Information Science and Computer Engineering Department, Specialize Computer Systems and Networks

Specialist in the design of specialized computer systems and networks

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