Wordpress developer

Wordpress developer with more than 7 years of experience in software development. Backend developer with primary focus in Wordpress, JavaScript and PHP. Team-oriented, motivated to extend his ability and skills, being able to quickly learn new technologies. This Wordpress developer is a proactive person who always strives to deliver the most effective solutions at the highest standards. One of his greatest strengths is in thinking logically and finding problem-solving solutions with an attention to details. Well-balanced personality, very cooperative, approachable and responsible.

Wordpress developer

Technical skills


Wordpress, PHP, Laravel, Drupal, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, MySQL, REST, Bash, Docker, Vagrant,




Web Application For Events

A headless web application for events and proposals manager – giving the ability to create multiple events for different businesses (eg. wedding, photoshoot, bakery etc.). Also generating dynamic proposals and contacts on the spot. Businesses can choose predefined libraries and items or ingredients, seeing prices and photos, and being able to edit them. Sending custom surveys to clients for additional ease in preparation of an event. Having guest lists and everything needed for the events.

Technologies used: PHP, Eloquent, React.JS, Backbone.JS, Wordpress


Web Applications For Loyalty Program

Web applications with integrated existing mobile application for scanning company products via QR codes. The loyalty program gives the ability to generate points in a combined wallets for different organizations based on their customer levels (business owners and their employees), so they can purchase various rewards from the store using points. Each row of loyalty points has its own expiration time, multipliers, and bonuses, so FIFO methodology is used for handling them. Another part of the web application is LMS which provided tutorials on how to use the company products, and also generated loyalty points on various types of interactions. These tutorials are dynamically created by the CMS using different types of fields and integration of PowerPoint presentations and SCORM files.

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, REST, OAuth 2.0, SAML, Wordpress, Drupal


Wordpress Tools

Developing a set of themes and plugins designed for publishers using Wordpress. These tools enabled a single or network of sites to have full control over the look and feel of the articles, pages via blocks, created within a custom CMS builder. Publishers also have the ability to enable different integrations such as subscriptions (using Google showcase and subscription library), newsletters, events, feeds, magazine issues and more.

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, SASS, Wordpress



Technical University, Bulgaria – Bachelor`s degree in “Computer Engineering and Science ”


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